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You are welcome to submit your resume or apply in person at any time. We hold qualified resumes and applications for 3 months.

Email your resume to (Please include 'Resume' and the name of the position you are interested in.)

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ConStruct, Inc.
10612 Bondesson Circle
Omaha, NE 68122


ConStruct, Inc. currently offers the following benefits to our full-time employees:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Paid Vacation
  • Management Opportunities

Merit Shop

ConStruct, Inc. strongly believes is the Merit Shop philosophy. What this means to our employees is that do not have to belong to a union to gain employment. Our employees are paid according to knowledge, workmanship, and work ethics. Our total pay and benefit package is generally equal to or better than those of other employers in this and surrounding areas. These conditions have been achieved without a union. They have not, and will not, cost our employees initiation fees, dues, lost pay due to strikes, fines or assessments. We believe our employees do not need a union to receive good pay, to have safe working conditions, to achieve job satisfaction, and to work out job related problems. Although we recognize the right of our employees to join unions, we also recognize they have the same federally protected right to oppose unionization. This means that we accept responsibility for providing the safest working conditions with the best pay and benefits consistent with staying efficient, flexible, and competitive.

We pledge to develop and maintain personnel policies and programs that respect the dignity of each employee. We expect our employees to give their best efforts and to continuously strive to improve. If we are going to enjoy continuing job security, we must work together to fulfill ConStruct, Inc.'s commitments to its customers. Our ability to ensure job security ultimately depends upon the success and growth of ConStruct, Inc. as a profitable and competitive company.

ConStruct, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.